Sandy, United States


Oversees the management and reporting of the Chapter’s finances.

Maintains all financial information of the Chapter.
Identifies and manages financial risks to the Chapter.
Plans and evaluates the URA budget in an on-going process.
Recommends financial policies to the Executive Committee and Board.
Prepares and submits financial reports to Chapter stakeholders (e.g., Executive
Committee, Board, membership, federal government) such as annual budgets,
federal/state filings, and monthly statements.
Oversees fiscal audits and collaborates with auditor.
Recruits and mentors successor in collaboration with the Board.
Serves as a member of the Executive Committee.
Actively participates in all URA Board meetings and functions.
Works to advance the mission of the Chapter.
Serves as an ambassador for the Chapter.
May serve on various committees at the request of the NRA President. 


  • 3 years (January – December)